My history with motorcycles

I first thought of writing a post on every car I have ever driven with comments of what I liked and disliked.  When my list became so long I decided to save that post for another day.  I then thought, let me just write about the cars I’ve owned.  Again that list was pretty lengthy.  So here are the motorcycles I’ve toyed with over the years.  This post was just plain fun to do.


This was my very first bike.  A 1967 Honda 90cc.  I found it at a yard sale and picked it up for $75 bucks.  My friends and I were into riding on the trails and jumping.  This is where is all started.

020914_1612_Myhistorywi2.jpg I did finally move up to something with more power and suspension.  This was a Suzuki 250 enduro.  Stripped off the turn signals and re-built the motor.

Moved over to a street bike when I was old enough to drive.  This one lasted me about a year or so and was lost in our garage fire!
020914_1612_Myhistorywi4.jpgThe Honda was replaced with another 200cc run-around bike.  I used this to get to work and run around.  Down a hill if I leaned down I could get over 60mph.  WOW!

Hey now were talking.  This was my first move up to something with balls.  Honda Shadow 700.  Not the biggest, but better than anything I had before, and could actually pass cars now. From there I tried a Kawasaki Vulcan. By this time I was married and not much time to ride.


Here was the first bike I purchased from a dealership. It was a 2003 Yamaha Roadstar 1600cc, Midnight Star Edition. This picture is what the bike looked like stock. One winter day I decided to take the whole bike apart and re-build it with just the basics. 020914_1612_Myhistorywi7.jpg

This bike had a sad ending when my brother was clipped at an intersection in Florida. A guy ran a red and hit the front forks. Luckily my brother was still alive. Because he has a habit of shifting into neutral at red lights, he had to shift into 1st before he pulled out. I usually keep the bike in gear, and take off as soon as the light is green. That would have put me directly in front of the guy running the light. Time to find a new project!!!


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