Regular Maintenance Checklist

Take care of you equipment better.

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Nobody likes to look at a dusty, grubby electric guitar – let alone play it! A little regular maintenance goes a long way to making your guitar play and look its best.

Guitar Maintenance

Every guitar should receive some regular maintenance, but ‘how regular’ depends on its use. A guitar that never leaves a teenager’s bedroom will need a lot less than one that sees beer, sweat and hot stage-lights every week down at the local pub.

Below you will find the checklist that I use to conduct regular maintenance on my trusty electric, about once every 5 months is right for me (this axe sees daily home, weekly church and monthly gig use).  An acoustic would need similar attention, but some processes are different which I won’t cover here. Clean the fretboard and body weekly to keep the guitar looking good.


  1. Remove old strings
  2. Lubricate and tighten moving parts…

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