New engine

F1’s new 2014 engine
Engine: 1.6-litre, V6s, with single turbo. Engines can rev to 15,000rpm, five power units per season per driver (each engine does 4,000km). 15% fewer moving parts
Turbo: Size unlimited, maximum revs 125,000rpm
Energy recovery (Ers) system: Weight must be between 20-25kg. Max energy storage per lap: 4MJ (2MJ kinetic from rear axle; 2MJ heat from exhaust). Equates to 161bhp for 33.3 seconds a lap
Fuel limit: No more than 100kg (about 140 litres) of fuel in a race; max fuel-flow rate of 100kg per hour. This is a 30% increase in fuel efficiency
Thermal efficiency: 40% (target)


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