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Noteworthy Spotlight

Name: Morgan Blake

Profession: Photographer

Dress: Target

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Target

Her Shoot Location: neighborhood in Virginia Highlands. Photographed by Karli Gribble.

-Describe your fashion style.  Who are your style icons?

I like to try and keep up with style blogs like Kendi Everyday, Bleubird, and even photography blogs inspire my outfits as well.  Of course I have a style page on Pinterest that helps my days of staring at my closet go a little faster.

I feel like I mix an Urban outfitters look with a Madewell look if I’d have to describe my style. I don’t think I have just one.   Sometimes I want to feel a little rock and roll, then the next day totally different.
-What would make your best of Atlanta list?
Favorite Boutique: Youngblood Gallery
Favorite Neighborhood: Virginia Highlands
Favorite Coffee Shop: Octane at the Jane 
Favorite Mexican Spot: Taqueria del Sol
-Tell us about your artwork.

I love to shoot the city, and its people.  I try to add a crafty, creative aspect to some of my photos to create one of a kind prints.  Another thing i love about Atlanta, is the endless amounts of trendy boutiques that not only inspire my wardrobe but my work as well.

-Where can we find your work?   Do you have any events coming up?

The next big event I will be at is ICE again in the spring.  I’m in the process of getting my work in a Scoutmob Shoppe and you can find my collaborations with Britt Bass at Kai Lin gallery in Buckhead.

Check out more of Morgan’s work here and her etsy shop here

Local culture. Love the A T L.


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